All students and faculty/staff at Kennesaw State have carpool options, rules and regulations apply. Please see below for important information regarding carpooling.

  1. Carpool permits can be obtained at Card Services Center. Prior to visiting the office please be sure to log into Zimride and sign up for carpool. Zimride is found here:
  2. Carpool decals are first come first served. Once decals run out, carpool options are closed until the next semester.
  3. When you visit Card Services Center for a carpool decal make sure at least two parties in the carpool are present to sign.
  4. Failure to display a carpool decal in a valid carpool parking spot will result in a fine. Failure to have a proper parking credential in addition to the carpool decal will result in a fine.
  5. Carpool hang tags MUST be renewed each semester.
  6. I understand that should I, or any member of my carpool, lose or otherwise for any reason not have the Student Carpool Program carpool hangtag, a fee of $25 will be imposed to receive a new tag. This includes theft without a police report.

The Card Services Center is located in the Carmichael Student Center. Please direct all carpooling concerns and questions to the Card Services Center. Phone: 470-578-3436 or email

For more information, please view the Parking & Transportation zimride carpool webpage