What is KCash?

KCash is simply the ability to use your ID card as an on-campus debit card using two accounts in which you can load funds into.

KCash consists of a general declining balance account that allows you to purchase anything on campus anywhere that accepts KCash debit. The funds in this account do not expire and will roll over year-to-year.*

*However, after 12 months of account inactivity, your account will be cleared and any remaining balance will revert to KSU.

Dining Dollars


What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars is the second account associated with KCash that you can load funds into in the same manner.

With Dining Dollars, students are able to purchase tax-free food at campus eateries.

Dining Dollars can only be used on food purchases at campus dining venues.

IMPORTANT: Fall and spring Dining Dollars are valid during the fall and spring contract periods and any unused funds from the current academic year expire at the close of each spring contract period. Summer Dining Dollars are valid during the summer only and unused funds expire at the close of the summer contract period.

Funds can be pre-loaded into the general declining balance account and Dining Dollars at KCash machines on campus, or online at: