Approximately 68% of our students receive refunds from KSU – usually from excess Financial Aid and the HOPE scholarship. To expedite the safe delivery of these funds to you, KSU has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company, to offer electronic disbursement options in addition to paper checks. Activating your KSU Debit Card online will offer a secure area to verify your identity and select your refund preference.

Did you lose your activated card?

If your card has already been activated and you have misplaced it, please call 1-877-578-1110 for a replacement card.

Accidentally dispose of/lose/never received your inactivated card?

If you did not yet activate your card and you have misplaced it, request a new one by completing this form:

HigherOne Debit Card Re-issue Request Form

1. Complete the pink section on pg. 2 with your KSU#, Last Name, First Name, Middle initial, Phone #, and Email.
2. Check the box indicating that you are seeking a Debit Card Replacement.
3. Fill in the appropriate address information for your new KSU Debit Card.
4. Sign and date by agreeing to Part 3.
5. Save the form and email to from your KSU student email address, or, fax to 470-578-9158.

DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM if you already activated your card – call 1-877-578-1110 to replace an activated card.