Students are encouraged to get their KSU ID card by the end of the first week of classes* as all students must be prepared to present their KSU ID card to University officials upon request.

The fee for the first Kennesaw State University Campus Card is $14.00 upon presentation of a valid U.S. government-issued document that includes a photo (e.g. driver’s license or passport). Replacement fee will be $25.

We also offer Online Photo Submission for the KSU ID Card. Once your photo is submitted and approved, please pick up your ID at the Card Services Office

A $25 fee will be charged for changing a picture in an already existing KSU ID.

*Attention all students moving into campus housing: Students who are moving into campus housing will be required to have a Campus Card prior to moving in. Please visit Card Services at either campus to get your Campus Card!

Card Services on the Kennesaw campus is located on the second floor of the Carmichael Student Center. Card Services on the Marietta campus is inside the Auxiliary Services office, located in the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center (A).



How to use the Card
Card applicants must agree to an unobstructed facial photo.

What your card can do for you:

*Use of the Dining Dollars and KCash debit accounts requires funds to be loaded to the accounts via kcashmanager or at a KCash machine located on campus. Dining Dollars are available only to students.

Through a sponsorship with Fifth Third Bank, the students who open a student checking account with Fifth Third Bank can use their ID cards as a debit card to make purchases and get cash from ATM’s in addition to all of its uses on campus.


You may want to punch a hole directly in your Campus Card in order to be able to place it directly onto a badge holder or lanyard. The campus card contains technology that can be damaged and rendered inoperable by hole-punching. Currently, a $20 replacement fee will be charged for a damaged card due to hole-punching. A $25 replacement fee will be issued for damaged card due to hole punching. A basic ID holder is available from card services. The KSU bookstore also carries a variety of ID holders available for purchase.


What your card can do for you:

  • Identify you as a valid faculty/staff member employed at KSU
  • Grant access to ride the B.O.B. shuttles
  • Make copies and prints on multi-function machines across campus
  • Gain access to rooms/buildings (based on your credentials)
  • Use the equipment and services of the Wellness and Recreation Center on campus
  • Purchase goods and services on campus using the KCash debit account*
  • Use as a PIN-based debit card with a Fifth Third Bank banking account
  • Gain access to The Commons to use a faculty/staff meal plan you have purchased
  • Identify you as a KSU faculty/staff member for discounts at participating local businesses

*Use of the KCash debit accounts requires funds to be loaded to the accounts via kcashmanager or at a KCash machine located on campus.